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The Vallarta Fishing Guide is still a work in progress.  In the coming weeks the remaining pieces will fall in place and dramatically improve the site.

We are working hard to deliver  the most comprehensive guide to fishing in and around Banderas Bay.  Our goal is to make as much information about fishing in Puerto Vallarta and the area more accessible and in one location.

The information we provide ranges from where to fish, what types of species are in which areas, types of equipment, anything and everything you might want to know whether you are a local or visiting angler.

At the same time we will keep the site user friendly and hope that you find your time on the site both enjoyable and informative.
As we add new features and content to the site we will post them here to keep you informed  of our progress.

We are working round the clock to bring you the best possible fishing guide that can answer any question you might have about fishing in the Puerto Vallarta area.